NEW THUNDER DRAGONDUO! Big Brain Synergy in action! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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  1. Dragonduo should have been released a few boxes ago, but better late then never.

    Releasing Colossus would make the deck tier 0 or at least close to it. The deck can swarm the field effortlessly with them, because as long as you used a TD effect that turn, it's a one tribute fusion. Most likely, Konami will release Titan along side Thunder Dragon Fusion, which is still kind of terrifying because of quick-play non-targeting destruction as long as you have a Matrix or Dragondark on hand. With an Aloof and either a Dark or Roar on hand, it should be summonable since TD Fusion is searchable by Thunder Dragon Dark and Roar can summon a third TD from the deck when banished.

    I'm kind of having second thoughts about wanting Titan in the game to get fusion Thunder Dragons, but at least we have Canadia and Floodgate.

  2. I don’t play lupine in mine and use two poly and a gold sarc with two duo and the rest of the thunder monsters are three with the thunder reborn and and other trap and got 8/10. My favorite deck to play

  3. While trying to get KOG with CyAngels I had a really tough match against this deck. It wasnt the same but it got the same idea, and he was using Bandit Keith with Baggy Sleevs skill.
    The deck he used was:
    3x Dragonhawk
    3x Dragondark
    1x Dragonduo
    3x Dragonroar
    2x Wattfox
    1x Dragonmatrix
    3x Gold Sarcophagus
    2x Enemy Controller
    1x Hundred Thunders
    2x Super Team Buddy
    Synchros: Black Rose, Mist Wurm, Dark End Dragon, Psyhemuth, Samurai Destroyer and Watthydra
    If you are a P2W player go for it, seems really consistent. As a F2P player your deck is even better.
    Also I'm really waiting on the Aromage deck, surely will be amazing!

  4. eres bastante bueno bro, creo que de los mejores constructores de decks que hy en yt si no el mejor. cuando puedes traer la version actualizada de las fonrtune f2p con el nuevo soporte o no cambia mucho?
    me acabo de acordar, con dd duendecillo se puede hacer? cual seria la receta asi-?

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