Major Snow Event Brewing – 137 mph wind – Snow Pack Update – Volcanic Aerosol Impact on Climate

Restrictions lifted on I-80 after Sierra snow, 137 mph wind Plummeting temperatures bring lake effect snow, gust winds on Thursday …


  1. If the people of Philippines had an offshore platform to live on until their land could be restored to them, that would be “service to others!” We could do that all over the world, for every country! Instead of spending Trillions of dollars, pesos, yen on War!

  2. DARPA did advanced research in Geophysics and electric phenomena. We were worried that you would be unreasonable in the dissemination of information. The Earth is changing, it is important that we work together.

  3. Diamond you are 100% right about the down spike. I’ve been analyzing the AMO and southern ocean and found some important patterns. Please check out my Facebook post!

  4. when i smoke and drive I dont go faster than the speed limit lol.. i cruise.. its like why go so fast mannn. slow down enjoy the breeze.. best when your in traffic too.. makes it soo relaxing.. I would smoke when i got off work then drive home 1 hour traffic. made it very bearable but when i didnt smoke.. the road rage was real! LOL

  5. When I'm stoned, I don't feel the need to go 130km/h down the highway so I can shave an hour or two off a 14 hour drive. When I have a cup of coffee I feel like I can do 130km/h no problem because my brain is going 130km/h. I'd wager that if everyone just smoked a joint before going to work in the morning, road fatalities would diminish significantly.

  6. The level of misinformation is stunning. I recently told a coworker that there is no global warming and she couldn't believe it, despite the fact that most of the world is freezing due to very extreme cold. All many can manage is a fluoride stare. We have very few scientists who are not bought and paid for by clones like bezos and zuckeberg, or musk polluting this beautiful place with their space launches and their presence.

  7. Diamond, I am Devon Dulaney. I live in Lake lure N.C. We are the first ones to truly recieve 5G towers at high band width. I have satellite radar images time stamped and dated of where and when u can watch the 5G literally displacing a storm and altering the weather. Email me at [email protected] … I'll send them to u. I dont want anything.

  8. Diamond you should make your own report about how humans are destroying the world and creating climate change as more of a joke and to prove all the fraud and lies.. and use that funding to fund Oppenheimer ranch project…lol.. it's so dumb…

  9. Diamond, you can make a diy circular tent-like enclosure (w/no roof, tho) out of a roll of that two-sided aluminum foiled quilted stuff to keep heat in your work space for now, and add 250 wt infra-red lamps hanging around your body, too – and when you're not seen by your audience, you can have just your birthday suit on and soak up that heat and LIGHT when the sun isn't shining for a long time – for a special treat for your body during a long winter

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