Lawyer tells opposing counsel to eat a bowl of dicks

Nowadays, courtesy can be hard to find, whether it’s in the legal system, at work or in your everyday life. Christopher Hook, a lawyer in California, disregarded …


  1. It does matter as to whether it was a bowl or bag of dicks. Everyone should know that a bag will hold 3 to 5 times more than a bowl plus that person can then take said bag with them to finish off eating later.
    I haven’t laughed so much from a you tube video not containing kittens. Merry Christmas hope you and yours have a great holiday.

  2. 😆😆It doesn't really matter if it's bowl or bag just offer it nicely. 😆😆
    I agree that that everyone should approach encounters with courtesy and respect. But if the other person is rude and disrespectful you don't have to just suffer their abuse quietly.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season.

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