Kush – Cascadia Blooms – CBD Hemp Flower Review


  1. CBD taste like an old pack of cigarettes,It all taste the same an smell the same, over priced cigarettes is what is is.Cbd does not get you high nor a buzz,it's not meant to.Everyone says the same thing it never taste like the strain name.

  2. Much to over priced .Your videos are helpful .CBD hemp direct has the best prices .Being an medical m mp patient we have a strict 2.5 oz a month allowance and I don’t waste my allotment at dispensary. Buying CBD.USE THAT FOR THC You have to check out Berkshire CBD they also only top buds .Boston Hempire also gets the best from Colorado and Oregon .As a former grower I can tell you they are getting over big time .And companies like that mess things up in CBD industruy.Tweedle farms the same .Think about it If they grow it you would think they should b as cheap as CBD HEMP direct .Both companies I mentioned that grow I have tried no where near as nice as either Boston Hempire or Berkshire You should b an affiliate for Boston Hempire Peace Smoke a j on some of your videos

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