1. I’m so glad that it seems as though social norms are shifting in this direction. I’m a relatively conservative individual, and a huge gun guy. However, I like most of the people commenting am 100% on board with the “weed”. I have terrible insomnia and I use CBD to get better sleep. I definitely feel that just like alcohol, THC products can be potentially abused but even though it isn’t my thing I feel that it has a place, just like alcohol.

  2. Bro I specifically searched this brand and clicked on your video because I’m all for cbd and I am not against marijuana or hemp. When used properly I support it above all the other poisons sold to us by pharmaceutical companies. On that note, I am a far right wing conservative, and I don’t see how labeling me in the way you did has any relevance to the subject. By the way I have a whole family of Hispanic republicans and none of us are against medicinal use of marijuana. so I’m going to watch this video and give you your thumbs up because I support it. But please,,don’t bad mouth a whole group of people based on a view point that has been sculpted by the media. People are people and everyone has an opinion. Thank you

  3. I've been taking cbd for a week now and I do see/ feel the difference I started with 300 now I'm on 500 I'm using koi watermelon green apple sour with my uni. I dont need that much to feel "lifted" and focused ( btw I use it for anxiety) I take about 2 or 3 toots at a time and I'm golden I love this stuff

  4. I mix my own vape juice with CBD in it. I use CBD because my knees are shot with arthritis it was so bad at one point i couldn't have a fan blowing on my knees cause it caused them to hurt. I been doing it for months now and it is amazing how much it helps. I take a few puffs off my mod before bed and sleep so good. I was like you waking up every few hours because i would hurt and need to move.

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