How to get a girlfriend in 30 days (STEP BY STEP INFO)

How to get a girlfriend in 30 days (Without Trying) Today I will show you exactly how to get a girlfriend in 30 days step by step. How to get a girlfriend step by step …


  1. Casey have you made a video on consistency? I have struggled with that ever since I got out of high school a couple years ago. I’ve had 5 jobs in 2 years and have way to many highs and lows. I have to be consistent while I build my business on the side of work so I can gain the financial freedom. The only thing I’m consistent on is going to gym.

  2. Ooooooooh I remember you.
    You had zero views talking about Nofap a few months ago.
    Daym you took off.
    You're sub mogging me.
    Interesting channel even though semen channel is delusional af no offense

  3. In my opinion, a man’s primary goal is not to understand women, but to understand himself first. When you dive deep into your limitations, into the lies that have been told to you from childhood, when you free your head from toxic and negative mindset and see yourself as a whole, not just "beta" or "alpha", you can really see the road to becoming the best version of yourself.
    I didn’t have a father as many of us didn’t. But this understanding of masculinity as a system, this desire to help our brothers in need, this is what truly matters.

    And when you pick this pieces of yourself and fuse them together, that’s when you will become attractive to women. It goes like a bonus.

  4. Love your vids, man. The "Red Pill Community" talks about women being promiscuous and judge them about that. These men are turning into what they hate.

    I really like your way of thinking. You have been helping me out with semen retention and I relate with what you explain.

    Keep these videos and thank you, Casey.

  5. 5:50 social media that i am 10000000% agree with you on that. but don't do only real life appriach but also social media. social media is only an additional way of getting a woman to a date.

  6. Casey, instead – how can i build a long lasting relationship with a woman? how are you approaching your relationship with Brittany? What do you think are some strong roots to build a relationship on- thanks brother.

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