How Taiwan became the most LGBT-friendly country in Asia

As far as Asian countries go, Taiwan is not very big. It is home to about 23 million people, compared to 127 million in Japan, and, you know, 1.4 billion in China.


  1. Idk y the religious groups care, it's not like they're gonna force/nake y'all to be gay. What wrong with just leaving ppl be and letting them live their lives? It's not like it hurts u in any way

  2. just bc they allow same-sex marriage doesnt mean they actly understand the social issues that plagued the community. from what i see, they're tryhard wannabe americans by adopting their culture blindly without no form of understanding abt the issues at hand.

  3. Taiwan is certainly a country, not belonged to PRC. China gays wanna get married? I'm so sad about it's impossible Forever unless PRC belonged to Taiwan(ROC) . lol

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