How I Brought Cannabis From the U.S. to Europe.

I made this video of how I brought cannabis from the U.S. to our home in Spain. I do not recommend traveling internationally with any drug even cannabis. I bring …


  1. hey! love your vid.. quick question planning on flying from philadelphia to punta cana with a cart that is .5g that you can just throw away after your done using it. will i have a problem getting threw with that ?

  2. Hey man, i appreciate the video. So I'll be flying from SFO to Manila next week and I'm planning to bring six-pack pre rolled joints. Should I put it in my carry on or checked bag?

  3. Hey I'm in Canada rn on holiday. I've been to a dispensary and I've rolled a couple extra spliffs to take back. Ive packaged the ones I'm taking back to England in a cigarette packet which still have some cigarettes in it as well. Do u think it'll work?

  4. I wanna bring a cart to mexico but super paranoid was thinking i can get it through canada security no prob just worried in mexico though i was thinking carry on then assembline the vape with cart on plane and then just putting it in my pocket thru customs as they only xray bags

  5. Hey bro so I’m heading out to Uruguay South America and I’m stopping in Lima Peru, then Chile… taking one gram stizzy cart, I’m doing it through checked bags since I’m allowed up to 2 bags what’s the best way? Should I be chilling also?

  6. Love the video! Quick question, I am heading from Denver to Charlotte over the break. Plan on bringing two carts, do I need to put these in the bag that has all the other liquids and such that I have to remove and put in a separate tray or can I just leave them somewhere in my carry-on?

  7. hey, bro, I'm traveling from Melbourne Australia airport to Abu Dhabi and I wanna take biscuit edibles with me on my carry on do you think it safe since its edibles?

  8. Hope u can see this and reply. Taking a g of wax in a lip balm container to south america. Thinking of putting it in my checked bag but i saw a guy in another video saying carry on is better. What do you recommend?

  9. I am of legal age, but my parents do not know I smoke. How would I bring a vape, a couple puff bars, and a half gram stizzy pod w/ the battery? If you could get back to me that would be great!

  10. I'm heading to Tbilisi through Paris and Istanbul from LAX. Both with long enough layover where I need to exit the airport.
    I'm bringing 1 cart tucked in my toiletries bag in a zip lock with my travel soap and shampoos. I should be good yeah? I'm bringing it carry on because I don't want it to leak with low pressure in the under carry
    I have travelled with hash from India to LA and also Germany to LA. Just never taken anything into other countries from the states.

  11. So let's say I'm going to italy in jan and I just want to bring 3 grams maybe an 8th . Grind it all up and triple bag it and stick it at the bottom of some lip balm . Think I should be alright ? And should I put it in my luggage or carry on ?

  12. DAAMN bro, the carts are whatever, unless they test or taste they no one can tell the difference between a nicotine or a thc one;
    BUT the green and the dab O_O!? you sir, are pretty crazy.

  13. Flying out to Japan tomorrow thinking about taking a ccell cart (Raw Gardens) It’s already halfway done thinking about cleaning it putting the plastic covers for the tip and bottom of the cart back and inserting it in a lip balm type case that it came with. I’m keeping the battery in my carry on but should I put the cart itself lost and buried in my checked in? I’m leaving from LAX have a 3 hour layover in China then straight Japan. Thx.

  14. I’ll be flying home to the US in december for the holidays from dubai and I’m planing on bringing upwards to 6 carts back with me to dubai. I don’t feel comfortable with putting the carts and battery in the security check box, would it be a good idea to put the carts in my makeup bag in my carry on? And where should I put my bulky battery? Need ideas anything would help. (:

  15. Dude its easy to smuggle wax i swallowed to seperate 3.5 eight of bud stuffed in a condom one had couple hash blocks in it and man i almost choked too death i took laxitives in germany and it was NOT oretty worked doe

  16. I’ve watched this video at least 20 times. I’m flying from NY to Cancun on Sunday. I’m bringing about 3 8ths. I’m not so worried about the TSA as I am mexico customs 😅 I don’t have a vacuum sealer or a suitcase that gets stored under the plane. It’s already in like 5 bags, I am considering putting it in a latex glove in my pants pocket in the middle of my carry on bag. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated

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