Aurora Cannabis Millionaire Predicts ACB Crash🚨Stock Market Crash + News + Chart Analysis 2019

Aurora Millionaire predicts that aurora will drop Today we will be analysis aurora and talking about how low they can possibly grow and wether we think the …


  1. Whose the millonaire predicting aurora crashing? ….ah Ciberworld millonaire ? I always watch his videos and the guy always predicts the opossite to what really happend. No offense bro but if I learned something from dealing with trading and investing at the stock market is that you can not say so easily that a companie like ACB is gonna crash….not sense at all, specially when this business is just taking off, we are just from a few months since legalization !!! I think kevin need to know about fundamentals enough to make such kind of prediction.
    Have good days guys.

  2. Please don’t ruin your credibility by doing colab with CW7, I already unsubscribed his channel because he doesn’t know what he’s saying and always guessing.. He just got lucky if he really became a millionaire with ACB

  3. Collected Aurora profits already. I will be back with ACB again soon enough with alot more capital to buy more shares than I had before and possibly around $8.00 USD when this correction hits bottom, but for now I've got other fish to fry until this stock gets it's act together.

  4. S&P 500 and inverted yield curves sheeps are done selling! This is what stopped Mj sector momentum! As long as Weed doesn't close below 56, sector will be stable. The 6$ Canadian something target is kinda crazy, if this ever happens, it will be because S&P is returning to the 2350 level If we are to see this again, then it would be recession/great depression coming for us this time. Only good news coming but % climbs will have to be more justified now

  5. please dont make anymore videos with cyberworld7 he makes you look bad. Kevin constantly flip flops . he claims he is long term but daytrades constantly. Kevin constantly brags about his money.

  6. I'm looking at US I think It's build some resistance hitting $10 looks like it's sold about half. Should hold 8.50- 8.25 and consolidate their till next week and then we'll have to see.

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