5 Things Fibromyalgia Has Taught Me

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  1. Hi Rosie!
    My Mom n 2 of my sisters have Fibromyalgia. It was easier for my Mom than my sister. I am going to share this with them and hopefully it helps them 🙂
    I feel you when you said about Doctors not believing you when you tell them that something is wrong. My old Doctor had asked me to bring in my boyfriend in with me, Just to tell me that I was delusional…..Fast forward 3 years n they found a 12mm cyst on my pineal gland, I have had actual seizures n some that are, but show no signs. (I can't think of the name of those ones) but it looks like I am having a stroke, because I am fully aware and can't feel half my body, or sometimes parts of it. My right pupil is now permanently shaped like an upside down L.
    I went to 4 different head doctors and I am still having issues, because I have pain and the headaches have returned along with the migraines. Not fun when stressed, makes me have a flare up.
    But I will keep looking for answers, because it is my body and I live in it. I think I would know when something isn't right. I'll be 40 next month. I know my body 🙂
    Thank you Rosie for sharing your struggles and how you have been able to overcome them and giving helpful tips! 🙂
    Glad to see you are back and Congrats on the new business venture!!
    Much Love Friend!! More to come!! 🙂

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