2020 Candidate Cafe special: Part 3

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  1. I'm active duty military. I voted for Donald Trump and identified as mainly a conservative. Yang shifted my entire mindset on politics. He is so forward thinking I'm terrified that we let this pass and dont put this man in office. While I dont need UBI of $1000 a month, I could only imagine what it would due for my community. I grew up with an abusive dad and eventually single mom. My mom was confined to her surroundings and stayed in a abusive relationship and employment to provide for us. UBI would have gave her the freedom to pursue what she really wanted. Now that I am an adult, and it's identity politics everywhere and no one believes in politicians. He is the candidate most likely to change the U.S. within a single term. If you don't vote Democrat, at least vote in the primaries and watch ideas get discussed over a debate. Please visit Yang2020.com and watch the Joe Rogan interview with him.

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