Young Boy Has An Unexplainable Seizure | Temple Street Children's Hospital | Real Responders

This week at the Temple Street children’s hospital, Matt, a patient who has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, comes in for his regular check-up. In accident …


  1. The boy with CF is most likely no longer with us as he was born in 1998 (it was mentioned in the beginning of the video somewhere). I hope he is still ok however if not RIP and best wishes to his family and friends

  2. That operation for the blocked tear ducts was done on me without anasthesia when I was little. My mum wasnt allowed inside so she just heard me screaming and got her screaming, crying child handed back. So yeah

  3. The lady who's son has cystic fibrosis if you watch anything on YouTube you should watch The Frey Life. It tells all about this disease, I think you will have to watch some that are a few months old plus it might be helpful for you and your son…..

  4. The lady with the child that has CF, she’s worried about the small chest tube that may prolong his life over vanity issues, that’s her first thought……OMG your child has a chronic medical condition with no cure just treatment to prolong life and your worried about the look of a chest tube WOW.

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