Weekend Update: End of Impeachment Hearings – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump considering testifying in impeachment hearings. Subscribe to …


  1. Pranksters called on the phone and offered Adam Stiff naked pictures of Trump. Adam Stiff asked them if Putin knew about the pictures and then asked them to work with his staff. This is real. Not fake. SNL has lost its bearing due to TDS.

  2. Watching you liberal leftist dick bags eat your own head is hilarious…
    Cry all you want.. Stomp your feet. Trump will carry you kicking and screaming over the finish line.. Again…
    And stop and frisk dropped crimes rates in NY by record numbers…
    Stfu guy… Your smug horse shit attitude.. Noted..

  3. there was nothing there… the victim(ukraine) said there was nothing…. dems have no victim…. asking someone to look into corruption doesn't mean they'd find any(there was no conclusion yet). ukraine paid the most money to the clinton foundation… hillary gave 20% of u.s. uranium to russia… now dems say they both are a threat and the enemy….. idiots being idiots…

  4. Umm I hate nunes but Schiff is on tape with the Russian prankster and it’s on YouTube lol. That’s legit true with zero doubt. So many things to rip him for and you screw it up? We’re doomed in 2020

  5. Trump (Criminals) supporters (Criminals) are even (Criminals) π’π“πŽπŽππˆπƒπ„π‘ (Criminals) than Trump. Run Li'l Rabbits run.

  6. This dishonest propaganda is why I no longer watch SNL. (Btw, Colin Jost, yes: Schiff is on recorded audio trying to obtain nude photos of Donald Trump from…you guessed it….Russian 'pranksters'. Look it up.)

    TIna Fey lied about it during the 2008 election, saying that her derisive Sarah Palin imitation was "just for fun", not political or intended to sway the election. Only admitting AFTER the election, of course, that it absolutely was.

    And it seems the really biting "comedy" only cuts one way. As AOC would say, "Did you know that?"

    Literally came over to see Will Farrell, watched a few of the clips but had to turn this one off.

    Probably wont be back.

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