VERIFY: Would legalizing marijuana be a moneymaker for Texas?

We hear this one a lot – legalized marijuana would generate a lot of tax money to help the state. But would it work for Texas? Our Stephanie Whitfield is verifying.


  1. I hope Texas legalize marijuana. I’m not a smoker but I have smoked before. Marijuana is far less destructive than alcohol. I don’t drink and hang out at bars because it’s too much drama. It would be nice to go to a dispensary and relax at home without the fear of the police. It’s been a crazy few years. We all need to relax and reflect, marijuana will help.

  2. Costs overall actually go down because police already use a lot of resources against marijuana. Also there's much less people in jails and going through the court system. This shouldn't be about money though. These are human beings who are not doing anything to harm or threaten anyone else. Yes, some bad people might smoke and do bad things but police officers are clear that the actions of 1 bad apple don't reflect on the whole group. At least that's their view when cops are caught.

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