Touring a Cannabis Growing Operation | Yerba Buena Farms: Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro, OREGON – Yerba Buena Farms is a 15000 sq. ft. indoor /cannabis growing operation located just west of Portland. Starting out as a medical …


  1. I wish I could have given you 25 thumbs up, and big thanks to the folks at Yerba Buena Farms for the enlightening tour. You did a great job capturing both the information and the visual aspect, with your many closeups of the plants and the broader views of the facility.

  2. That was very educational. It is amazing how much goes into producing cannabis. I'm glad you were given the opportunity to tour one of the facilities! I remember passing by one in Colorado 2-3 years ago when I was last out there.

  3. Best video ever ! At the moment my neck is knotted up from weeks of stress. We bought a new camper and shortly after discovered it had extensive water damage. This started my stress cycle. Then we finally got the manufacturer to agree to fix the camper but we had to drive 680 miles each way to take it to them. By the time I got back (we still have to go back up to pick up the camper) my neck was in extreme pain from long hours behind the wheel in very adverse conditions. My doctor has always said that I carry my stress in my neck, as many other people do. When we got back I went to see him and he gave me a couple shots of cortisone in my neck. Within a couple days, the pain had subsided about 50% but now it's starting to come back again. I'm going to try a chiropractor on Monday but I think any number of those cannabis products would have done the trick. Living in the deep south, I just don't have much hope of this kind of relief. I'm always amazed at how unenlightened our leaders are in this country.

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