Should you buy, sell or hold cannabis stocks?


  1. Its not blue chip. Any investment in Cannabis is speculation in penny stocks. Penny stocks are not usually considered a good investment; its speculation and needs to be understood as such. Speculation means you might win the lottery or you might not.

  2. Sell. More and more companies will continue to pop up growing pot. I would rather buy a high quality product from a small batch grower than a huge company pumping out high yield garbage.

  3. I think I figured it out. Motley Fools secret cannabis stock is supposed to be the next Amazon of pot stocks. A PotCo as it were. . ACB is the only low priced pot stock with a decent t financial sheet. Really undervalued and new solid agreements are afoot. . I bought in at 6.63 this morning. Don't miss this train. I made 10,000 dollars on a piece of junk called IGB. Caught it at 8.80 and sold it at 13.80 just before it dropped into nothingness. That's because, like all the rest IGB had squat for financials. I just bought because the ticker was spinning up out of control. It went to 15 but I was gone by then. Now at 2 something. Aurora's not like that. It's got a good financial foundation for a stock at this price.

  4. All the pot stocks are low right now, honestly it's a good time to buy.. the short term investors have pulled out due to legalization creating a ripple effect, scaring lots of the first time investors into pulling out, however this sort of a drop is common, Cannabis is a multi billion dollar industry and it is guaranteed to bounce back within the next few months. I'm so excited about the first fiscal reports since legalization from these corporations

  5. THIS DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION AT ALL? It's like asking a politician a straight-forward question and all you get in return is something off the topic which is in conjunction with the topic but irrelevant.

    A short answer YES or NO would have been fine, thank you!! Jesus f*cking Christ, can't even get a straight answer out of anybody these days.

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