Should recreational marijuana be legalized in the Carolinas?

Michigan and Illinois have joined nine other states to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, meaning you don’t need a prescription to have it. ▻Subscribe to …


  1. You know North Carolina being known as tobacco one would think that they would jump their happy asses on to something that is more profitable than tobacco.

    Also I mean that dude Jack was right we should take sugar and caffeine away from our kids that is something that highly addicts mostly children.
    On a serious note though the drugs regardless of whether you have it legal or not you're not going to punish adults for children I'm sorry that's not the way this works you don't punish adults for the fact children can have access to alcohol you don't punish adults for the fact children have access to comethazine, hydrocodine a none of that other stuff so no. Cause nobody is making a argument to sell to children this is a adult conversations if you wanna talk about kids go to a parent/teacher conference.
    But this would obviously be a brain dead yes for the majority, hell it should've never been illegal to begin with.

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