Outdoor grow 2019 (harvest time)

Been a min since our last video so sorry we’ve been super busy but were back please enjoy.


  1. That's why they don't want it legal because in my opinion it brings people together to understand each other even though they might not agree but they agree to disagree off the THC much love brother and great work

  2. nice grow,all of em look very heathy,i always harvest outdoor before the sun comes up,seems to me to have a little bit more flavor and some what easier to trim,congrats on your harvest,looks yummy

  3. New grower here, I ordered my seeds from single seed center, and apart from the Sweet Afghani Delicious from Sweet Seeds I'm not too happy with the genetics. As an inspiring outdoor grower myself, please help me find a phenomenal breeder that sells the absolute BEST genetics! As a disabled veteran on a fixed income anything too pricey might not be feasible. Thank You!

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