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  1. Wow Dan, congratulations on the property! Looks fantastic! I told you I’d send you a video from the farm I was working at here in Japan. I’m sorry I didn’t get that out to you. I haven’t been going there recently. Too busy teaching and now working on a mushroom farm, and also I’m doing an online Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton. It’s really great and I’m sure you’d love it. Basically the first thing he says about designing a space is figure out how the water flows throughout your property. Then you can design to slow it down and to hold it as long as possible before it runs off. Looks like you have quite a bit of good space to grow fruit trees and you can incorporate swales and nitrogen fixing legume trees into that system. You mentioned blueberries and fig trees. I believe that fig trees cannot tolerate highly acidic soils whereas blueberries thrive in low pH soils. So you’d be better off putting your blueberries trees around one of your ponds. I’d definitely get some ducks in those ponds as they are very productive and beneficial to the overall system. Bees would be great too. Looks like you got a lot of shady areas too with the large canopies so I’d put in some large outdoor mushroom patches. I could go on and on…

    By the way, I got an email from TCG recently and there was an offer for a free Technical Analysis course. I signed up but I’ve been so busy with all the other stuff that I haven’t gotten into yet. I’ll get there eventually. Just want to thank you for that.

    Enjoy the new home!

  2. I'd put a small sauna building off the first pond with a dock. Finlandia Sauna makes a sweet unit. Runs about 1400 per unit but well worth the money. It's a great place to let off some steam. Nice clean setup there.

  3. I just gave your channel a shout out in the educational section of the new Discord community I am trying to develop. Thank you for all that you do and all that you have done. You continue to inspire me as a person and trader even after years of watching your videos.
    Thank you Dan

  4. TRUL share unlock on july 25th. About 70million shares being added to current 11mil float, I suspect the selling pressure is coming from that. really nice buying opportunity.

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