Know the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

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  1. Very good video but I see that some people are confused so let's sum up!
    – In short: there are many cannabinoids in hemp: THC, CBD, CBG, CBDa, CBC etc. (probably at least 100+)

    – CBD oil in most cases means a CBD isolate so a carrier oil with added only CBD.

    – Hemp Oil (also known as a full spectrum cbd oil) contains all kind of cannabinoids: CBD, CBC, CBD, CBDa, even THC (but in very small amounts). Many studies show that hemp oils work better than isolates because of what we call an entourage effect (pieces work better together).

    Hope that helps a little 🙂

  2. She did not answer the question, so maybe someone can help me please?
    Which one is better all-around hemp oil where CBD oil?

    She simply said CBD oil is a component a full spectrum

    Did that mean the CBD oil is the full spectrum or the overall hemp oil is the full spectrum and that CBD is just an offshoot of hemp oil and not really the full spectrum?

  3. From what I've read, especially from researchers in Spain, THC only causes the high when heated. Competitively, smoked cannabis with CBG and THC gives you 10mg medicinal compared with 500mg cold pressed. Whatever both male and female plant together equals the entourage effect. Too bad this countries politics is way too owned by big pharma to produce truthful research.

  4. Lighten up, folks! She explained the difference first sentence out of her mouth, then didn't get to the benefits. Nobody's perfect. It was still an informative video. As one who's tried to make educational video clips, it's not easy!

  5. apple, onion & garlic= a miracle for sibo i take an whole apple, & onion with some water and blend in my bullet and drink it so good on the belly. if you have dried lemon peel its good to throw in also os psyllium husk or lemon juice too. any ways very healling on the gut

  6. I have watched and listened to this video twice and I still don’t know the difference. I know more about soy than I ever wanted to know and now I have one more benefit of flaxseed I can add to my collection of information about flaxseed. CBD oil is an ice-let of hemp oil? I don’t get it for sure. 🤯

  7. Wow, the difference between hemp and CBD oil is so clear to the viewing audience now. Personally I don't need to continue research of my understanding of the difference. 🤦

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