Full blog post here: I was laid off from my job as a Cannabis Educator for a major cannabis brand. I was really passionate …


  1. Have you ever been laid off from a job that you loved? What did you do next? Share your story here to uplift someone who may have just experienced it and may have a hard time finding the light at the end of the tunnel 💛

  2. This is a blessing. I'm happy for you. Hate to be all cliche and shit, but whenever a door closes, there's another that opens. It's dope that you are bouncing back and getting your own business off the ground. Another cliche ass quote that really fits this situation… no one ever got rich while they were busy making someone else rich. Like you said, you were so engulfed and focused on your job and that company that people were looking at you as Mrs. __________. Now you can focus on being Mrs. Delilah and concentrating full force on building YOUR brand and YOUR business. Your passion now can drive your own goals and you can continue doing what you love. I love how vulnerable and open you were in this video. You're showing us that this isn't a hobby or a job or just a fad for you. Keep your passions pushing you forward and I'm happy and proud for you Worstie!!!!! Keep it up!

  3. I’m so proud of you for sharing your story babe. It isn’t easy going through what your going through but you and us will get through this together. Next chapter in your life and we got this babe!! I love you!!

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