How One Man Beat a 0% Survival Rate of Cancer — not once, but 4 times!

Cancer survivor John Krech explains the methods which brought him back to full recovery. See more cancer Survivor Stories at: …


  1. A man cured his stage four cancer with tumors in his lymph nodes and all throughout his body,

    (Fenbendozole), doctors couldn't help him anymore, but a vet told him to try it and it worked…..

  2. I agree with you on eating at home as much as you can organic. I am eating 90 percent leafy green onion garlic and organic turmeric powder I do not over cook only 3 or 5 minutes then I put it in my Ningi .10% other things no dairy and not much meat maybe three times a week chicken only. I have CLL I am trying to heal on my own frist. very very little sugar only in my coffee like one tsp and plant based milk. Keep it simple and get a treadmill even 5 minutes three times a day will really help so much I got my treadmill on craigslist a nice one for 90.00

  3. The scandal in USA. Nothing changes in the medical mafia. Most US oncologs are criminals. They strictly refuse to adopt treatments that work ! Vicious money hungry sobs that do not care and evidently have a huge conflict of interests since they receive 20% commissions on all chemo drugs.

  4. Love these videos just out of an interest in health. You guest looks about 20 years younger than he claims! Amazing.
    I am 70 and have always tried to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle ( supplements, enzymes, probiotics, infrared, detox, no sugar, no chemicals, exercise etc etc.). Nevertheless I have suffered from IBS since my 30's and have been gluten and dairy intolerant since then. But.. haha…. I still zip around the Portuguese mountains like a young kid on my scooter and chase across fields after my goats or dogs when they get naughty.
    I am writing this as I often wonder why my mother who was extremely healthy until she died at 94, never exercised, spent her life sitting and never bothered eating healthily yet she had no health problems????
    I believe childhood trauma and stress has a lot to do with my own problems?

  5. Clean beef still has IGF-1 growth factor with helps tumors grow and contains cholesterol…see beans, tofu, oatmeal, tempeh, these are clean proteins…..yes, we all like to eat meat, but there are consequences…. I don't know what you were eating when you said you need to eat meat, but I've seen a lot of vegans that are body builders who are thriving.see The Game Changers,"
    things are changing and ppl are starting to smarting up and get off their meat addictions.

  6. Been in Ketosis for 2 years, never felt better. I did it because my dad has cancer and all his brothers died of the same cancer and me and my brother have a 50% chance of getting the same type. Omega-3 Atlantic Wild Salmon Oil (Norwegian), Coconut oil, Bio-Available Curcumin and lots of Natural Vitamin C has reversed my Type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol and given me a head start on fighting the cancer that might come one day! Thank you for you videos!!

  7. Casein, is the one protein that every study has shown to cause cancer to proliferate, more than any other animal protein. See Dr. Thomas Colin Campbell to see the evidence on Youtube. Casein is found in all dairy. Dairy and sugar are the first things any cancer patient should consider removing from their diet. It is worse than any other carcinogenic substance, even than nitrosamines. Also all the animal studies proved this. Illonois veterinarian school did a study on dairy cattle in Florida, and 80 percent of the milk was found to have an adeno-virus that caused cancer in the abomasum and mesentary systems, and when given to monkeys developed cancer. This adenovirus is not deactivated at pasteurization temperatures according to the late Dr. Agatha Thrash M.D. and her research. Also dairy is high in bovine growth hormone which we now know causes cancer to become aggressive. I tell everyone who has cancer, dispel with all dairy.

  8. I was surprised that Dr Greger at reviewed some research showing that Vit C can harm the kidneys. The report didn't talk about what form of vit c they studied. My holistic dentist recommends Liposomal Vit C and I find that effective.

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