Four Reasons Texas Could Decriminalize Marijuana in 2019

Texas cannabis advocate Austin Zamhariri has four compelling reasons why Texas could decriminalize marijuana possession this year. Filmed on 1/27/19 …


  1. About to go to jail for 1 gram 6 months a year just lost my job and now being poured out as a criminal first actual offense that is a class A or b yet they have a medical marijuana dispensary in the same state only for some people when I have Crohn's disease

  2. Lowering the charge of simple possession to class c does nothing to aleviate the strain on the criminal justice system as a whole. That's a fools game. It would still be a crime, would then clog the misdemeanor (city) courts and we would still see a high number of incarcerations in city and county jails for people that don't have the money to pay the costs, fines and fees. Not to mention, they would still be labeled a drug user and would be subject to state mandated drug counseling classes, drivers license suspension, loss of 2nd amendment privileges, a high possibility of being investigated by CPS and loss of employment. Allowing only the medical use of cannabis being legalized is a trap. It allows for pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of a market they already control. Which is one reason that patients have turned to medical cannabis in the first place. I urge you to really think about how other states have failed in the big picture by using the medical cannabis argument to bring legalization into fruition. "The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions"

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