Malcolm Toohey (Joel Edgerton of Zero Dark Thirty) is a committed husband, father and a dedicated detective who’s not afraid to put his body on the line.


  1. I just DON'T understand ppl who SWEARS movies are so terrible but stays long enough after thinking it's so bad to leave a comment..lol like if a movie isn't good to me then I'm clocking anything to get it off my screen…I'm not staying any longer not even to leave a bad comment bc at the end of the day their still gonna be h view for clicking on it sooooo it doesn't matter If I like it or not…and if most comments are good then ppl reading the comments before watching are still gonna watch it..lol and if they don't then their still gonna get credit an paid for that person clicking on their movie

  2. All-star cast. Superb acting. Enthralling script. A director with the talent to bring them all together.

    This film challenges you to come to terms with issues we seldom have the courage to confront until we are directly affected and then it might be too late. There is the old detective who's a pragmatist. Not very laudable in a police officer. Then there is the young detective who not only is a narcissist, he shows some signs of being a, as yet to realize his full potential, sociopath. There isn't much hope for him once he finds himself having to lie to preserve his status. The more mistakes he makes he finds people to project them on.

    Finally in the middle, we have everyman; a person who makes mistakes and is tormented by them until he makes things right when possible, without causing more harm. He learns even well-intentioned actions can have bad consequences. Does he, in order to survive emotionally, become a pragmatist like the older detective?

  3. If anyone ever drives up on a whole bunch of cops at a roadblock who've just been shot to death, it's best to assume they got caught covering for each other at a crime scene that involved the death of an innocent child.

  4. I dint like the movie ,but i had to finish watching it. I ride a bike ,most cars will move away giving me more space , one lady turned on me as i went straight I seen her but she dint see me I avoided getting hit or she would broke my legs She did stop to ask if i was ok and if i needed something ,anther time some young kids went faster to try scare me , a cop caught him So in the end can you live with yourself if you had hit someone ? Honesty is the best

  5. A well done movie with interesting thought and good acting, in general. I think one critical role should have been cast better: the role of the child's mother. The actress was not able to portray emotions effectively. She was way too happy and did not look like she had been crying for hours in her first big scene.

  6. I don't care if the kid shot the cop, the cop should go to jail for punching the kid. Fucking cops are not judge, jury and executioner. Obviously a dirty cop. Also a shitbag drunk driver.

  7. Three things saved our hero: (1) being true, honest, regretting (2) car accident and (3) kid's mom forgiving him. The third being the most powerful of all. Nowadays people don't understand forgiveness yet it cures what time can't.

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