Episode 57: Published Research on Cannabis with Dr. Deron Caplan

Deron is a horticultural scientist and the Director of Plant Science at Flowr in Kelowna, BC. He was the first person in North America to earn a PhD with research …


  1. Some curious questions and thoughts on blumats and drought stress. I would love to play with this. When I think about the maxi blumats, I assume the topsoil gets drier before the maxi activates since the call for water happens deeper. My thoughts: what if we designed a blumat system where we could quick connect from the regular size over to the maxi (or possibly run both) to keep that moisture rating at that 100-150 mbar dampness levels. At that late flower stage, disconnect the regular sizes and run the system only on the maxis. Thusly running the soil to drier levels. I.e drought stress. Would this be counter intuitive to the microbial life perseverance? I feel like trying to tune the regular sizes at drier levels will run the risk of the carrots drying to far out to be effective.

  2. I always thought cutting clone tips reduced transpiration? I like not cutting tips and find clones do better after rooting and transplanting. Can't wait to see results from coco with "salts".

  3. Is Scotts Miracle Gro owned by Monsanto?

    The company's principal consumer brands in North America are Scotts, Miracle-Gro, and Ortho. In addition, Scotts is Monsanto's exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of consumer Roundup.

  4. Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast is absolutely necessary in this day and age of education and knowledge largely being facilitated by social media and social networks – thank you for your committed effort in consistently putting out these episodes!

  5. I'm glad to have this chance to get such good info. Thank you for your dedication, Tad, I've listened to your interviews many times and I've learned a ton. Keep up the great work, be blessed!

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