Celebrities who vape! Famous vapers 2019

Celebrities who vape! In 2019, more and more people are vaping. As the amount of people that are using e-cigarettes grows, so does the proportion of famous …


  1. Karl Malone owns a cigar and vape shop in my city in Ruston, Louisiana. His daughters don't even shop there, though, they shop at Altitude Vapor. His shop is Legends Cigar & Vape.

  2. I bet that there's athletes in professional sports who vape. I know that there's sports entertainers/wrestlers who vape. Maybe a video on those? Just giving some suggestions.

  3. I've have been saying that all the celebrities with their star power and money need to address vaping. The politcians may not listen to me but maybe them. Look at what Jon Stewart did for the 9/11 victims. The Congress/Senate would have thrown little 'ole me out. Hook up all the Hollywood celebrities with YouTube celebritirs and vaping companys and head to Washington.

  4. I have stayed silent for too long, fuck off different dudes! I want Chris and Ian, not these random combos of Chris and hipster or Ian and hippie dammit!! Just playin, but not really

  5. How about a list of celebrities that didn’t vape:

    Hitler didn’t vape
    Mussolini didn’t vape
    Charles Manson didn’t vape
    Jack the Ripper didn’t vape
    The hunter that shot Bambi didn’t vape
    The person that started pineapple on pizza didn’t vape

    I’m sure you can think of others and add them as a comment below
    v v v v

  6. Please clear the air of all the misinformation out there right now. Fake carts, crappy juice with vitamin e, the fact that people don't know that VG and PG are classified as GRAS under the EPA and FDA. We need to inform!

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