CBD oil and Mental Health

Find HempWorx CBD oil here Covers research on CBD oil how it helps mental health. So many people have problems with feeling …


  1. "Cbd has no side effects"

    In ten years, they will synthesize it and dump additives into so that it WILL have side effects such as dementia, suicide, and memory loss.

  2. I have a paranoid schizophrenic brother I have been caring for since the late 70’s early 80’s , it is the most miserable disease ever…. I really don’t know who it is worse on him or me…. at this point I would have to say me….. I’m so tired and run down it’s not funny… we have did everything and I mean everything…. and there’s no help for them… it really sucks… I need to know more about this and what it helps for mental health… been in the mental health system 35 years and nothing has changed…

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