Cannabis News – There is No Debate | Ep. 375 | 04-12-2019

Joe Klare discusses the marijuana “debate,” cannabis delivery in Colorado and a Trump-like Tweet from the DEA’s Los Angeles office. 4-12-19 – Ep. 375 | The …


  1. This is more simple then that easy as 123 look you have people buy the weed from a dispenser online they are not carrying any cash or accepting cash they are just delivering So insure the buy and
    1 hour or less type deal easy as 123 if they get robed you of course make your delivery people wear a body cam and there you go…easy fix

  2. The story @ 9:02 is a great story for the DEA. At least they are getting the illegal foriegn market outa here, I dont wanna compete with illegal Chinese sellers who dont pay taxes on their products like we do.

    This is the 1st and possibly last time I'll thank the DEA for arresting someone for pot.

  3. alcohol is more dangerous then marijuana…i know i drink and its done damage to weed just cant afford the 20 a gram all the time…id smoke more if i could afford it….see i dont understand that cause beer is cheaper then marijuana..makes no sense..

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