Autoflowers and Nectar for the Gods, Grow Strategy and Philosophy | OCGFAM526

We’re talking about how Using Nectar for the Gods differs between autoflower and photo-period grows.


  1. Bob I love the show, and of course NOTG. I've been using this amazing line for 3 years now. My question is this… long can Nectar stay on the bottle before it goes bad?….does it go bad?…..lose strength? I ask only cuz I have a few bottles of Medusa from last year and didn't want to toss it out if I didn't need to.

  2. As for using Khaos with autos, my last run I was up to 1 Tbsp BK to 3 tbsp HH into the final stretch.
    Along with full strength Aphrodites.
    The results were beautiful rock hard buds that look ,smell, and taste wonderful!

  3. Have three Blackberry Kush autos in week 5 right now. Running the Greek regime at full strength with BK as a soil drench and adding Mega Morpheus now that flowering has started. Using SLF, Ful-power and Cultured Biologix teas as well. Feeding daily in 5 gallon pots.

  4. I started with autos and nectar made three runs. Kept my ph right and ran half dosage the whole time with the spartan regimen. I let them go then lst then next grow was super cropping and hst. Yields varied slightly but with nectar you can abuse autos.

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