7-1-19 Outdoor Cannabis Grow Michigan Rec. When disaster strikes!

Quick update with the loss of Maui Wowie x Purple Haze Malawi.


  1. Are you the only one knowing your grow if you're the only one that knows your grow you done something to that plant cry all you want water water water water just flood the fuck out of that plant if it takes 5 gallons to feet it sucks eating it don't feed nothing for the rest of this year don't feed nothing to that plant water water water water you need to fucking water that motherfucker home I shit that's what it looks like to me too bad it looks like about a two and a half pound a plant

  2. MN nicegrow

    2 days ago

    Looks like it just needs a good watering… I thought same thing when I first saw this plant.. Mine get tht way and BAMMM they spring right back with a good watering. I agree … better to under water your plants than over water.. Over watering causes a ton of various problems… underwatering and not to extreme ….will keep your plant happy and healthy.

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  4. Are you overwatering? Usually only requires 10 % water of the amount of soil in your pot. Looks like root rot honestly. If you would have let the pot dry out they would have recovered. Let your pots dry out for 3 to 4 days in between.

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