YG shows daughter a bag of weed🍃

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  1. Within every legal substance theirs somebody out their body that won’t act right to it weed is not for everybody she’s a little girl what is weed gonna do for her knowledge she’s never gonna have to be on the block selling weed our anything so yes he was ignorant to show his young very young child some damn weed and say smell it

  2. The sad part these dudes get so much money and literally learn nothing 🤦‍♂️ still doing what they was doing in the hood being ignorant shit sad man at this level he should of been learned but he still ignorant

  3. watch who y’all having kids with because this is beyond inappropriate. if i was the mother, I would definitely be taking that child. look at the crazy shit he doing on camera… imagine what he say to her/ let her do off camera….!😕🤢

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