Will All Drugs Become Legal?

More than one trillion dollars has been spent fighting the ‘war on drugs.’ Despite this, it is estimated 72000 people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2017, …


  1. Everyone I talk to wants legalization,America stop pretending your a Puritan. These people who are against it and think they are better then most. Go home drink bottles of wine,beer and beat the shit out of their spouses.female and male. Smoking a joint doesn't do that.

  2. They should disband the DEA now. And All Drugs should be legal. They're just making the cartels mega rich. And when the taboo is gone it's like I'm good. There would be an initial spike in use from people who already use and people who grew up with it being taboo. But the next generation will see it as cigarettes or beer . And will choose if they want or not. But they'll know how addictive each substance is and alot will be smart. Pluss your taking what you want. No added bullshit that's worse then the compound you want. Plus all the saved money.treating a drug user as a enemy of war is so ridiculous. Most people who can get cheap readily available drugs wolnt steal or hurt someone for a fix that they can find change for.Sorry for the rant but there are people doing more time for doing a substance , then violent offenders and murderers. It doesn't work It makes 0 sense.

  3. This kevin got it wrong. what is the alternative to corporates growing it? its the violent mafias…and you cant controll them. they dont give a shit. another alternativ at lleast with cannabis woulöd be full decriminilasition so you can grow your own…. and the other point is that the drugs demotivates you etc is also false. yes if you have psychological problems this could happen. if you have psychological problems this happens also without using drugs…..alcohol is legal but do all alcohol users sitting at the trainstation the whole day long?

  4. Right! Because we really NEEEED Free Meth for Everyone. Just think of the children! Our streets will be so much safer. Hell we should have free healthcare too so taxpayers can foot the bill all the inevitable life long health problems #Equality

  5. Excellent piece. Treating drugs as a health problem puts the epidemic in perspective. Reduce incarceration& private prisons- keep lives and families together. Reduce burden on courts. This is one big reform that can put a damper on America's severe decline.

  6. Great piece! I am very grateful to reporter Holly Snelling allowing me to be part of this very important look of the failed war on drugs and its effect on families and loved ones who fall victim to its consequences. My art is used to fight for justice and to expose the horror of the criminal justice system.

  7. Well, we've spent a trillion dollars on the drug problem in the last 50 years, and the end result is totally failure.

    Maybe the opposite tact is necessary. If they want drugs, then by God, give them drugs! Big pharma can manufacture most drugs pretty cheaply.

    To reduce property crimes, street gangs, and the cartels, give the drugs away for free! For those desiring treatment, then make it available. To those that wish to consume, let them.

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