Why I stopped smoking weed 🚭 (2+ MONTHS SOBER) 🌿

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  1. I dont smoke weed to hind or mask anything i use it for sleep an to clam down at night dont abuse it. I micro dose an im perfectly fine with life i also mix it with CBD which is great by the way lol. What im trying to say is everyones different an can use it has meds or a drug. The choice is urs to decide not anyone eles

  2. I'm very glad to hear how you've started turning your life around, and I have a lot of respect for you, I also agree with basically everything you're saying. I myself told myself to stop smoking sfm because I was dependant, and no lie I still be smoking, like a lot sometimes, not trying to get into old habits. I'm just so scared of facing my demons. I'll also add I don't completely hate weed, as a matter of fact, for the most part I love it and I really want to be in the cannabis industry, but it must be utilized, like as a tool, a means to celebrate, heal, indulge occasionally recreationally, but not over indulge, burning holes in your pockets for it, and relying on it. People make sm excuses as to why it's fine they smoke all day everyday, but the truth is at that point your escaping. This is just abuse of the plant. Like this cool, honest dude said, face the music thanks for reading if you did.

  3. This some real shit bro. thanks for sharing. I was going through the same shit and was using weed to help my anxiety and depression. Not many people understand the effects of smoking everyday.

  4. That’s what I’m saying . I’m in a medical state , I have a card but I’m stopping I may buy some RSO before my card is expired .. but that’s it I agree they are doing something to this shit for sure , the not sleeping was a hoe but I definitely abused it , but I love the herb

  5. This topic is so interesting. I never did it with the intention of: solving my depression, curing my anxiety and or getting euphoric with friends. Depression. Well, what I call depression is just the way my mind is… I overthink, feelings are deep, I'm introvert and not social… aaand sometimes it hits me harder. But when it does I can't think of weed, I might talk loud to myself, walk around… that in itself, when the intense depression comes, it's a really deep moment that I think to be healing. Anxiety. I'm not anxious at all, and it impresses me. Situation might be apocalyptic, people might take pills, and still, if it's not about a gig or an exam, I just let it be. Playing cool with friends. I did on weed cause I had to, and I didn't like it, for me it's like being in a box alone thinking what might work to hide my induced loneliness. It turns out I do it because it's interesting. It's a different point of view from which an ordinary tree or an ordinary path of water feel now so in harmony with me. Family is more important, warms your heart. Unknown people through a supermarket are so beatiful, and when they're old they spread the whole value of life through their faces. Oh and the girls, so gorgeous and attractive. Music, so complete and necessary. I could go on. In all this I do have a problem. Cause hey, here I'm alone, I have to accept society and its standards, when I wanna express myself they suppress me. Why not being always there then? That's my fear, but I do oppose with intelligence. Smoking is an emotional decision. Comes from the heart. But I do have a mind, and I rationally know that something might be wrong (overthinking about it, for example, or inventing excuses in order to do it). That's why I will go against myself until it's back to a random decision. At the moment it's about once a week, but there are wrong signs. That's why it'll be once a month

  6. I used to do that shit too. I'd take a fat dab get overly high and contemplate why I let myself get that high. Then I'd tell myself I'm gonna chill on smoking for a while. The next day I'd be high again.

  7. I dig the message but it sounds like you were smoking before you got your shit done. I smoke every NIGHT, I don’t smoke in the morning or during the day. I get my shit done then when I get home from work at night I clean up, get situated, and then roll up. People can be productive while smoking all day but it’s not for everyone. Keep going on your journey brother keep progressing! But facts on the beating off shit lol every time you bust that nut you be feeling disgraceful

  8. I found myself crying at the end of this video. I’ve been getting so many signs from god and the universe that I have to end my relationship with weed. All in all it isn’t serving me in the same way when I started.

    I’ve been relapsing on and off for years but I am completely over hiding from my demons. I gotta fill this black hole in me. Without weed! Thank you so much for sharing your story man. I’ll give you some updates in the future!

  9. I used to be a heavy drinker and I started smoking weed recently and my life changed I completely stopped drinking now I don’t wanna give up weed and go back to being an alcoholic but I do agree on many things you said but honestly weed is the reason I’m not an alcoholic and it’s a lot safer and I can think straight unlike alcohol

  10. Quit smoking to get my armed security license. Been 3 months sober man. Stopped procrastinating. Been getting a lot stuff more done. Been more social. Have way more energy. Only con is I don’t have an appetite.

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