Why Do Humans Like to Get High?

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  1. Drugs are neuro toxins which means they kill braincells and that equates to an enhanced awareness ; which is the result of the death of braincells under normal awareness. To be alive, something in us dies… and that's our braincells … the basis of awareness.

  2. receptors in the brain makes you feel either good or bad, some drugs block the receptors others open more pathways, my mothers drug is saying the rosary because it makes her feel good, my drug of choice is weed, in both theses cases there is no physical dependence, just mental dependence, just stay away from drugs that cause physical dependence, lsd, peyote and shrooms are safe if used in a safe environment, they open up unused pathways in the brain that create intense experiences, why, ask a neurologist, they can tell you the technical reasons

  3. I think the assotiative argument is the most plausible one.

    It would be implausible humans to evolve this way: Low population , short time, low exposure, high trait complexity.

  4. I think this fool has done a bit of over medication.
    I was more productive when I could smoke a fat one after work than I am now that corpeRAT America has stuck its nose in my personnel life with random drug testing.
    They don't do breath testing after lunch and if you have a script you can double up on the dose both of which make for a more dangerous situation in the work place than someone smoking a fatty after work . . .

  5. As far as I know, early humans used toxic mushrooms with psychoactive abilities in rituals because they thought that it connected them to the spirit world. They thought that the mushrooms gave them powers and knowledge that they otherwise wouldn´t have had.
    So I think that another reason why humans do drugs is just the everlasting desire for new experiences and different ways to view the world. This, of course, doesn´t explain why people get hooked on drugs, but I feel like it might be a very strong motivation for seeking out drugs in the first place, or for trying them a few times. It´s less a matter of the chemistry of the brain and more a matter of human psychology in that case. Of course, as with "all things science", there is definatly a combination of a lot of contributing factors that make our relationship with drugs the way it is, but I feel like the psychological part fell a bit short on this video.

  6. I think that early humans brains developed after a few years of a tribe eating mushrooms. To hallucinate and continue the behavior in your kin, your kins kin. After just 5 generations change is possible if there is a constant and continuous "stressors".

  7. You paint with a broad brush. Drugz are potent ways to alter physiology. Sometimes that can be a good thing, usually not. The closer a human stays to the original plant that the intoxicating drug is taken from, the safer, healthier, and happier they are. Alcohol is a drug…one of the most devastating. It removes your ability to make intelligent decisions as it makes you feel good. What could possibly go wrong? Why are we taught that it's such a great thing? (expensive wines, brandies, etc)

  8. It’s my belief that our “public health crisis” would go away or drastically be reduced if we disbanded the DEA and legalized everything. The government needs to get out of our business as to what we put in or do with our bodies. Why they can ignore scientific evidence is beyond me. Oh wait, look closer, follow the money.

  9. Exceptional presentation and solid delivery of a great objective viewpoint of why humans find drugs alleviating and comforting despite their ill or misunderstood effects that they can have on us and other mammal animals. Thank You Scishow team and Hank for knocking it out outta the park again! Too Good!

  10. Nope. It's a n accidental trap. The drug triggered our enjoyment which then caused us to propogate the plants. Thus driving a successful plant species. It's an accident and it just happens that we ended up not dying when encountering those substances. If we'd been deadly sick we would have treated them like other dangerous plants, either avoidance or erradication. These plants did not kill us, just just left us trippy. As a result we were encouraged to help develop the growth of the species and integrate it into our cultures…

  11. well, if fruits taste good so that animals eat them and spread seeds. then why would a plant not evolve to be consumed by an animal and encourage cultivation of its species, which ensures its progression.

  12. Since humans have more advanced and complex brains that basically any other species on Earth it would seem to make sense that mind-altering drugs alter our minds more significantly than other species and in ways the same substance can't affect a simpler brain.

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