When Cyclists Do Press Ups… | The GCN Show Ep. 318

Last week we set you the 20-second #gcnpushup challenge, and we’re back to see how you got on, as well as a fair few pro cyclists! Plus Ernesto Colnago’s …


  1. Taking Dan's 10 week training program into consideration, I am wondering what motivation do you use to get up at 4:00 am to then go ride. I guess what I am asking is how do you do it so bloody early in the morning, I am not sure I could get up that early to train hard, or does it all boil down to being the "Boss".

  2. Hey Guys, there's a great bike shop here in Branford CT. USA. Zane's Cycles. https://www.zanes.com/ They've been selling and servicing bikes for as long as I can remember…..30+ years I recon. Anyway their claim to fame is service. Their staff are the best in the field and extremely helpful.

  3. Positive effects of wearing a helmet: decreased risk of dying (from head-related trauma). I did try commuting to work the other day, but when it's so slippery staying upright on two feet is a challenge, let alone two wheels, after maybe 40m my bike just slid from under me and I found myself from the ground, with head taking the bulk of the contact. Good thing I always wear a helmet when cycling, or I might've suffered a bit more than a slight headache from the impact and and now a third consecutive day of aches in my neck & upper back areas… (and a few bruises around the right knee)

  4. Caption: ''Bear in mind mate, you have to hide me on the next climb so nobody will suspect the assistance of a ''Katusha'' rocket launcher which I used for carb loading yesterday''

  5. I don't consider what any of those riders were doing as push ups. A proper push up starts with the arms fully extended, then you lower you body down to just shy of touching the ground, and then you push yourself back up again to full extension. They were just bouncing through half-pushups.

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