What Were You Taught About Cannabis Growing Up? | Cannabis Conversations with Parents

Older generations who came of age in the 60s through the 80s might have been raised in more conservative or religious households, where the conversation …


  1. Funnily enough, regarding what the Older Gentleman (John – Retired) talking about the 20's and 30's…Unbeknownst to him, in the beginning 1890's-1900's+ the Pharmacies were selling Elixirs and "Cure-All"'s that generally consisted of a Mixture of Some or All of the Following: Alcohol (sometimes even Chemical Relatives to Alcohol that were Toxic when ingested), Heroin, Morphine, Cocaine, Barbiturates, Opium Tincture: Laudanum and Cannabis Indica were very much available at the Pharmacy, sometimes without even the need to see a Doctor for a Prescription or the Pharmacist since some were Over-The-Counter Medicines.

    "Mixed Miracle Cure-All's" like these, were often called and known as "Mother's Little Helper"…It mostly was Opium Tincture given to Babies (Yes! Really! 4/5 Docs Approved!) and it then evolved to become Diazepam by "Modern Standards" LOL

  2. My mom always smoked regularly and it was never shamed, they would rather we did it at home rather than on the street or somewhere else.
    Great question, love all of these videos!
    Hello from Long Island, New York😊

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