Weed Legalization Guide

Recreational marijuana will be legal for all adults in Illinois beginning on January 1, 2020.


  1. these are my personal questions, currently its September of 2019 and I'm also wondering what the answer to these questions will be after the first of 2020 when Recreational use is legal.

    what if a cop catches you with under 30 grams of plant material?

    can they charge you for heaving marijuana? if so will thos charges be dropped now (2019) or after the first of 2020?

    will they let you go if they find marijuana on you? (this applies to both 2019 and after 2020)

    will they let you keep it or will they take it away if they let you go?

    will you go to jail/prison/holding for having it? (if you have marijuana on you before and after 2020)

    what will happen if your under 21 and have marijuana? (before and after 2020)

    what about marijuana paraphernalia, can you still get a ticket or charged it? (before and after 2020)

    Is HB 2612 real? (if workers take a drug test and have marijuana in there system, they can't refuse to hire or penalize them)

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