VAPE-MAIL – November 2019 Gold Subscription Review

A review of the November 2019 Gold subscription from Vape-Mail! *TIME STAMPS* 00:15 – An introduction to Vape-Mail 04:01 – Flavour 1 05:39 – Flavour 2 …


  1. Vape Mail! i love these as i am in the states don't think i can get them. gratz to the win for the patreons. 1st sounds good. 2nd odd. 3rd love raspberry sirup and waffles, will look for this one to try. 4th ditto will have to look to see if they are made for the states. thanks for the review of the vapemail. gratz on the win. massive hugs to you and your's later my friend.

  2. Juice reviews are more important in my opinion than hardware. We all get through far more liquid than hardware. I mix my own now and am just enjoying a nice but very cold blackcurrantish vape….like vaping airwaves gum. Your review was as always exceptionally lovely

  3. Hi I will give you a thumbs up but I had the hardware vape mail and had nothing but problems with them all they sent me was very old RDA'S nasty liquid and no nic-shot I don't rate them at all but I do rate you mate

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