Unboxing to Celebrate our first Year of Legalization coming to an End

Thanks to one of you Patreon Supporters, this video got produced – thank you Cannadis Finest 🙂 Shout them out below and show your love with your thumbs up …


  1. Hey Gord, Obviously it is your content but a bit of feedback from me is the green screen is a bit distracting when packages that reflect the green comes into frame. However, Love the content. Keep up the great work!

  2. Cool review Gord, I wish I could order some of that super skunk from Cannadis Finest but I'm in the U.S. so I can't but it sure looks good, I wish we had smellavision too. ✌ and growers 💘

  3. Hi Gord , you are a bad boy , waiting till the end of the day to put a vid up , so i'm late on this one … lol Hope your morning will be fine , see you later . Peace ; )

  4. Another amazing video Gord. You capture the absolute essence of our products and give the most thorough reviews. We are so grateful for that. Our commitment to quality and customer service is what makes this possible. Thank you again. Cheers!

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