Triathlon News October 29, 2019: USAT and CBD Sponsor, NIKE shoes not legal and AI Doping testing

Triathlon News including USA Triathlon starting sponsorship with Pure Spectrum, a CBD oil company, amid recent suspensions among triathletes testing …


  1. Hi 👋🏻 Taren. Great video! 1. Can you ask Gustav Iden about his bike set-up in Nice? He used a clip on aero bar ala ITU attached to a road bike 2. Gustav Iden runs fast. What is Norway secret? Saw some info on checking on lactate threshold and altitude training. Thanks

  2. If the Nike trainers are available to buy on the high street then that's fair game. Being sponsored by another shoe manufacturer is every athletes choice, if they want the Nikes, end the sponsorship and buy them.

  3. Whoa! The Nike shoes ARE available to all athletes. An athlete may CHOOSE to sign a sponsor and run in the sponsor's shoes. They say they "can't" run in Nikes when they're sponsored by Saucony, but sponsoring is not slavery. Nothing is stopping these athletes from saying goodbye to Saucony and buying $250 Nike shoes (if Nike won't or can't sponsor them).

  4. Solid video mate. So controversial with the Nike shoes. But what I don’t get is that, ASICS and Hoka have similar tech in their shoes yet no allegations to those brands. Haha maybe people just think the Nike look more appealing and that’s why they don’t use the other brands haha.
    A+++++ on AI doping initiative. Thanks for all the news

  5. Cool… I’m reading the book, loving it… Just started with Triathlon, I wish the book had been released before I bought my road bike… 😫… anyway I’m trying to do the upgrades that need to be done… tks Taren… 👍🏼

  6. Applying the Nike logic to our sport is hilarious. Let us ban Di2 and disc brakes because not every athlete can afford to upgrade their bike from mechanical and rim brakes to Di2 and Disc brakes.

  7. Super informative vid and enjoying the new layout with camera placement, etc. One question/suggestion: During post can you throw a noise removal over the audio to get rid of what sounds like a generator hum or AC? Even a 80-100hz roll off may work. Keep up the good work.

  8. Many pro runners are running on prototype shoes that are 2-3 years before mass market access. How are those performances considered to be legal? As said below, many have the same/similar carbon plates that Nike have now.

  9. YAY Newsday Tuesday!
    I'm not sure how the nike shoes create an unfair advantage any more than bike gear, aero clothing, different wetsuit construction etc. Until sanctioned races start issuing identical equipment to all racers these marginal gains technologies are going to be adopted by those athletes who choose to/can afford to purchase them. Sponsored athletes, well they can choose not to take a sponsorship from a lesser shoe company and purchase whatever shoes they want. I think if they rule against the Nike shoes that sets a very scary precedent. Now all the higher end equipment we work hard for could be rendered useless because its unfair. The Ventum one is a perfect example. You've got a ton of money into that bike even with sponsored products you worked your ass off to make those connections and be an ambassador for triathlon. If they ban those shoes you may as well hang up that bike because that's next. I think we need to stop being ridiculous. Anyone who thinks they can put on Eliud's shoes and run a sub 2 marathon… go ahead… its Aaaaallllll the shoes lol.

  10. Age grouper don't all have the possibility to have $6K bike..does this mean we need to restrict bikes?? That applies to running just like UCI applies to cycling..Triathlon is about pushing the limits on the body mind..and technology. I can't see anything from in this innovation…And Vamos Javier..who said he wasn't built for Ironman?! It is adaptation, he has a brilliant future in ironman!

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