Total Life Changes or Tava Lifestyle Ground Floor Opportunity

Try a week supply DescriptionCannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of some 113 identified …


  1. Tava is a new company and limited w products. But, if the products do what there suppose to do, the company will grow and introduce new products. What's the problem? TLC was new at one time and built up over the years. You are too biased. People leave companies and go to competitors all day everyday. You say it's an ethics issue. I say it's a how do I pay my bills and survive in this world issue. If individuals only went to established companies, new companies wldn't stand a chance and there wld be no competion and limited choices for consumers. I can appreciate a ground floor company. I root for the underdog. I wish Tava much success!

  2. I feel the same way in terms of imitation, Tava is a knock off of TLC. Jack Fallon terminated the leaders of TLC who are in Tava for double dipping, having multiple accounts getting paid multiple times from the same household. That's wrong and they know it. This came directly from Stormy. Honestly after looking at their instant tea and Iaso instant tea, it is exactly the same! I wish Kenny and all of them well, however I dont think Tava will be a hit as TLC is like they are thinking. I saw the exact same thing happen with Ariix trying to duplicate USANA. You cant duplicate a great company to be even better with the same setup, same type of products, and same compensation plan. It just work work. Ariix still hasnt surpassed USANA to this day and neither has Vida Divina surpassed TLC.

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