1. I’m a registered nurse whose goal is to be a wholly devoted cannabis nurse consultant within two years. That being said, there is much research and development of cannabis. My approach would be evidence-based (otherwise I wouldn’t touch CBD with a stick). I live in Washington state where recreational marijuana is legal, which has significantly created a disservice to the medical marijuana patients. I would like to bring in adjunct therapy with cannabis for people with different medical conditions. But that being said I’m also recognized by the state to be a licensed nurse; would that change the merchants view? My profession, my license, my evidence-basis approach? Furthermore, my community is concerned about increasing opioid epidemic, alternative analgesics are becoming more and more acceptable. I plan on doing my banking with the local credit union. That being said, Do you still recommend keeping Cannabis verbiage and medical indicators off of my potential website (when I end up choosing to have a website; also, does that change with the bank’s decision process when considering one as a merchant? Thank you for your videos. They are eye-opening.

  2. I really enjoyed your video about the banking. I knew about Marijuana flowers not getting accounts but I didn't know that CBD also. I heard by 2020 or 2022 the United States was going to remove Marijuana as a schedule 1 drug and legalize it completely. Which is awesome. Thanks for the Info 😀👍👏🍹

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