These Awesome Weed Recipes Are a High Priority

Can’t believe it’s not weed butter! Did you give these a try? Don’t forget to comment! Cannabis Cookie Dough Cups: Disclaimer: For …


  1. I tried making the choc peanut butter balls. Quantity made 56 about the size of a Ferrer Roche. 7gm (at 23% thc) divided by that many chocs is 0.125 per choc. I ate two. Need to eat 3-4 to get a heavy stone going. Tho they do taste nice, they're also sickly sweet. Better to make a much stronger infusion in order to only need one or two. Having said that, my tolerance is high. Lol. No pun intended. Maybe try a quarter cup of coconut oil to 7gm instead of half cup, and only half the other ingredients.

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