The Media (The Conscious Side and The Shadow Side)

The Media – both the conscious and shadow side can be quite difficult to understand and even ominous to a lot of us. In this episode, Teal Swan increases our …


  1. I instinctively don’t trust anything in the media or anywhere that spoon-feeds us with information. I intuitively trust what feels like it appreciates our discernment. Even if its message and information are quite authentic. Thank you very much, Teal. Namaste. 💖&☮️

  2. You are very good at getting your point across which is very nice to understand you bring it down to street terms outside of you're very gifted with such a wide range of words. Which sometimes it's very difficult for me with a learning disability specially when you get into college words sometimes I have no idea the meaning of them which I feel I get lost sometimes but I know you're right on the money I can tell with your backbone and your facial expressions you definitely are a woman that knows what you want to say and how to say it and how to definitely get your point across much respected thank you so much

  3. I want u to tell the whole world about the craziest being the cult brainwashes Nithyananda in India. He has done such a incredible brainwashing on all over the world. I am asking y please he is so talking about the craziness he is. Sarah Stephanie Landry is telling the youtube and the facebook about this horrible being am the Ashram being close doors. He is going to jail that is for sure. He will not getting going and giving away all there things. please let u know about this horrible being……………..Namaste

  4. In 1986, I used to guard Rudolf Hess (please read about what he did in 1941) and Hess was close to Hitler and Hitler was "secret society" (maybe Tavistock I am not sure). I dont think AH died in 1945 and, when I found out from Klagemauer TV that the "'Challenger Disaster astronauts" were all alive ( or 6 out of 7) and in old age-when the whole world thinks they all died in an explosion my "world" took a certain turn into thinking we are in the Matrix.. Teal Swan is always interesting and I might go a month without checking "Ask Teal" but that does not mean I am not hungry for more information. I find Simon Parkes "good" and I wonder sometimes who all those ancient "gods" were (or are) I am talking Baal and Jehovah and more….and the prophets associated with the "gods" and Saint Paul (the guy who never met Jesus) and John the Baptist. I cannot tell you what is really going on but I can say I am not convinced every male and/or female human has a soul. I think I have one only because I "dig so deep"…while others NEVER..and I mean NEVER take an interest- and some even deny obvious information: (OBVIOUS: 2 planes take out 3 tall buildings in NYC in 2001…or The body of Bin Laden is dumped (crime) or…JFK's killer is killed himself 48 hours later..or MK Ultra assassins do not even know it when they "kill" or a thousand other things like Hess flying to the British Freemason during WW-II..or Sabatean Frankists…etc etc..) Teal is mild and "good looking" and likes to talk about things other New Age "people" will NEVER talk about. I dont really want to be around the "darkness" but I wonder if I chose this "movie" for myself. it is like a horror movie or a bit of a nightmare. Why do I even wake up? I have asked to NOT wake in the physical sense. And yet we read about some celebrity who dies at such "a young age". Why do others get all the fortune? I mean they get to get out of this freaking, child murdering hellhole. I love Teal and you can only say that if u listen to enough of her vids going WAY back. It is almost as if someone designed a "model" right out of GQ for me to want to see once in a great while (info only of course…I am no longer attracted to humans) I just want out..feel like Dustin Hoffman in the 1967 version of "The Graduate" "I want out!'

  5. Anything on television is meant to program the subconscious. There are good and bad things about media. Some sources are useful depending on what you are looking for to see or read. But television is a cancer. I threw mine out years ago. Mainstream news channels are nothing but trash and feeds fear.

  6. I came across a philosophy teacher who was adamant on spreading information/“truth” with scientific basis. He was so utterly obsessed with this that it almost made me wonder whether he had a childhood trauma relative to betrayal, or maybe something relative to following his inner voice and integrity…therefore scientific studies were the only thing he felt he could rely on. This video does bring an enlightening perspective on this sort of dynamic. Thank you.

  7. I loved the breakdown of the subconscious reasons behind this career choice. I'd like to see more, especially for career paths that are very popular and desired (singer, actor, musician, astronaut…)

  8. What if our perceptions are merely misconceptions created by the media’s (medium’s) deceptions regarding race, gender, religion, spirituality, money, class, education, etc., to keep us fighting one another over those things, so they keep dividing and conquering the masses?

  9. The media has an agenda. It's called divide and conquer. It's also called feudalism. The few rich and Powerful the rest subservient to their every whim. Breakdown the moral fabric of a society and it will collapse. The quickest way of doing it is to divide and conquer have everyone at everyone else's throats. Also break down the educational system. Without morals and education the societal structure will crumble and decay quickly. This person is not a prophet or a saint or even a wise enlightened person. Evil does not present itself as ugly. Then you would not listen and be taken. When someone tells you something including myself go out and read and educate yourself.. also listen to your moral compass. To change the world. It starts with me and my love for you. I do not hate this person or anyone like them. I do feel sorry for them. She's not a poor humble person. She's wealthy in her own words flies around the world. And at the same time tells you you have to use less to save the planet. Barry Elwyn Ives.

  10. Off topic, but TS you resemble my wife so much I expect you to pause speaking at any moment & ask me why I left my shoes in the hallway and to get them where they belong right now Mister.

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