The Iceman | Wim Hof claims his sub-zero treatment can cure illness | Sunday Night

He’s known as the Iceman – exposing himself to sub-zero temperatures. He claims his icy treatment can cure all sorts of diseases – and now there’s scientific …


  1. The Polish are tough people. They endured the Nazis and the Soviets and outlasted both. I love their culture and look forward to employing Wim’s techniques this coming winter, can’t wait!

  2. Cold is righteous . I live at 7000 feet and sleep at night without heat .I got used to the cold . Cold water is next but I need a hot spring or sauna to retreat to after the cold .immune system control possible proven by wim .thankyou

  3. I am doing this in the shower…not as cold, but it is all I have and it works for me. More energy, and something is happening. Maybe, just maybe, it does not that to be THAT cold. I used to shiver outside, I do not now. I am guessing that is progress on some small level.

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