The Heck Podcast #47 Fellas – UFC 244 / Legalize Marijuana / Gender Reveals Gone Wrong!

First time trying out a new camera, hopefully, this works! There’s a lot to unfold on this week’s Wrap Up! UFC 244 – 1:56 Bellator 21:50 ABC Song 32:14 The dog …

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  1. New alphabet song: Whoever made that song needs to be hoofed in their front butt.

    Marijuana : There is bad that will come from the legalization of marijuana (not that I'm against legalization). But, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The importation of weed will be null, but the cartels will just put more focus on their other bankrolls – coke, heroin, human trafficking, etc.

    Gender reveal: you can always tell the kid "you killed grandma" if they ever get in bad trouble (dark, I know).

    Dave Chappelle: For a generation to be raised on South Park, we're a bunch of snowflakes. Every person is equally worthless.

    Podcast: Awesome. Catching up on them now.

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