The future of medical marijuana in Tennessee



  1. Support is increasing but it seems not fast enough for way too many people. Government is NOT your friend. If it was, it wouldn't create ANY "laws" where there are no victims… there is no crime. It would decriminalize all drug use, put dealers out of business and treat drug abuse & addiction as a medical condition, like other more forward thinking countries have done. The way it stands now, the system makes money off being the victim, the judge and jury, telling ppl how they should live. Too many ppl blindly support their governments with religious fervor when all they stand for is profit, greed, theft, death and war on everyone and everything. It is INSANE and ARCHAIC. You would think ppl who believe in an all powerful "God" would support REAL FREEDOM… example: The stories of Jesus point to his Anarchist beliefs, yet his followers seem to tow the government death machine line. Very sickening and tiring. Hard to believe we have such a long way to go in experiencing real freedom. All these ppl who spout the government lie that freedom isn't free, don't even know that it should be, and it's not because they aren't free.

  2. I want them to legalize anabolic steroids because I’ll take them and they work they build muscle like crazy. And they give you an erection as well as other benefits and restore your sex drive. You just have to be responsible . But we need to petition for anabolic steroids to be legal

  3. My body is opioid resistant. Cannabis is the only thing that works on my chronic pain. I want to do it legally and don't trust drug dealers. I'm too broke to move somewhere else. Please get this legislation passed!

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