Surprising Benefits of Urine Therapy – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 114

Surprising Benefits of Urine Therapy – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 114 Shop My New Line of Apparel: Want to be the first to see my …


  1. Was at a Urine Convention in Greeley, Colorado last week and while staying with friends, I left my glass of urine just for a short while in the bathroom; when I came back someone had polished it off. Surprised me, but now I'm trying various friends' urine and enjoying it. Thanks for the vid.

  2. This guy is intentionally ignorant.  

    Most of what he is saying in this video is unscientific and completely untrue.

    There are numerous books about the benefits of Urine Therapy. Urine Therapy cures most, if not all diseases, including cancer, arthritis, eczema, and much more. To anyone reading this, I encourage you to research Urine Therapy. It is a cure that actually works. Also, research Water Cure ( ( and Oil Pulling ( I guess this guy is trying to be funny. He is intentionally harming people by ridiculing the truth–that Urine Therapy is highly beneficial and cures numerous diseases.

    Use as a search engine (as Google has hidden results) and search for "urine therapy PDF ebooks" and read some of them.

    Urine Therapy works!

  3. Not sure if this is a joke or not but there are ancient chinese and indian text that teach the highborn to drink their morning pee. One of those two texts has a line that states, "remember to drink your morning urine every day but don't tell the poor"

  4. Think I mentioned this before but it's so fine: I attended a urine therapy session in Greeley, Colorado about a month ago and while there I left a glass of my urine in the communal kitchen while I walked my dog, only to find that someone had polished it off while I was away. As for my boy friend, he likes to have me drink it 'directly from his tap'.

  5. I drank a large glass of urine this morning and feel very perky so far. Now I'm going to try a beer enema (tried coffee enemas but that made me too sexed up) and hope that goes as well. Hoping that anyone's urine is ok. I just drank what I could find at that party.

  6. There's nothing better than having some toast with a warm glass of urine. My only problem with drinking such a glass direct from my husband is that he also shoots sperm from that same hose. Is this safe?

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