1. Also,
    Anyone new can feel free to drop your channel in the comment section of my highest viewed videos if it will help get you out there.
    I’m all about everyone growing your channel. We are a community that needs to stick together.

  2. oh boy do I got a surprise coming https://timbergrowlights.com/model-4vl/ have a peek at my new grow light being built for me not off a shelf 3000k full spectrum white cob led a dream come true if I cant grow a pound or more of autoflower buds in my 4x4x6.5 tent now with that plus my 400watt hid something is wrong right lol. the first grow with the new lighting will be Dutch passions Critical orange punch auto/and im looking for a high thc sativa dominate auto to grow with them and sving my drgeen thumb haze seeds I got out of this crop for outdoors next season not sure if there infected with mildew but if you got any suggestions on a sativa dom high thc autoflower im all ears thanks

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