Stoners Quit Weed For A Week

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  1. Just so u know I'm high while writing this so if it's a mess sorry i only started about a month and I always use to be on edge and it took that edge off and even sober I wasent of the verge becoming angry and in a bad mood but j has to stop for a few days cuz my cart was empty and I my bud deal fell through, it also helps me with homework cuz it just numbs me and it's painless to do high and when I had to take that break I was back to being on edge

  2. I quit weed for 2 months and it helped me re evaluate my life and become emotionally present. I still smoke though so instead I just take really long tolerance breaks every few months and it helps me not over do it. It also reminds me to be mentally present and deal with issues instead of masking them. So you dont have to quit forever just take breaks anything in excess (just like drinking or cigarettes)is not healthy period.

  3. The thing most people don’t understand is that even if you’ve smoked for years daily, weed still might not be for you. Even if it’s not “bad” for you it can still have a hugely negative impact on people’s life, although this is mostly mental (if we disregard laws) I am 100% certain that MOST people smoking weed don’t have the mental fortitude to do it daily and still take care of themselves whether it be exercise, relationships or even work. The people who gain the most benefits aside from medicinal users are the people who smoke in moderation for the psychedelic effect on your thought process, that is the true way to use the herb.

    Just realised this is a fucking BuzzFeed video man I’m high

  4. I stopped 9 years ago, it was not massively easier or harder than a lot of things to give up.
    On par with coffee, not much easier than cigarettes (there's a psychological element with those) and alcohol… may be the exception with me.
    Now I don't smoke weed or cigarettes, but I still drink a little.
    Sometimes the key is to find what's needed for a change, and that comes down to ones individual circumstances and person

  5. Weed is not good for you. I used to think like them and say all the good reasons and leave out the negative. Weed makes you dull, passive, not so aware of your surroundings, and un motivated. You will think different, perception is different, you are not as sharp so its not good if you have a job, atleast frequent use. These people are clearly mentally ADDICTED to weed if you go over 10 years without even a month break, they dont want to accept whats really going on and making up excuses, i know from experience. Weed should be treated like any other drug like alcohol. Its fine once in a while, but not all the time, society just ''accepts'' this bad behaviour

  6. Being a stoner thats smoked for years YOU CAN TELL who smokes.. tbh the only one i can actually see that smokes multiple times a day would be the asian chick. Everyone else looks like they already smoke maybe once a day and think its alot lol

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